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    Derwent Aquatone Woodless Watercolor Pencils, 12-Ct. Metal Tin

    100% Usable Sticks of Watersoluble Color Offer Fine Detail and Broad Sweeps of Color

    Apply these solid, 7 mm sticks of pure, concentrated, blendable color to paper using wet or dry techniques. With the consistency between a soft pencil and crayon-type medium, you can use them for detail work, or remove their protective wrappers and turn them on their side for gorgeous sweeps of color. You can also scrape color directly from the pencil. Nothing goes to waste as even little pieces of the pencil can be used for quick, easy lay down of color in smaller areas, or place the shavings in pots for diluting into vibrant color washes.

    Lay down the amount of color you want, depending on the pressure you use for the ultimate control. Each woodless pencil contains four times the amount of color than its wood case counterpart, so you’ll reduce your supply needs and save money. Change in your creative direction? No problem. Dried Aquatone washes or marks can be re-wet for adjustment later. And, there’s no wood to sharpen. Your craft knife or hand sharpener does the trick.

    The range includes 24 classic colors that can also be found in the wood case watercolor pencil range, for complementary detail work. The color of the pencil barrel corresponds to the core color for fast and easy identification. And, the pencils are pre-sharpened, so they’re ready to use, right out of the tin.

    • 7 mm sticks of color
    • Also available in a metal tin of 24

    Aquatone Pencils Allow You to Create in a Variety of Ways:

    Dry pencil on wet or dry paper – Creates a firm line on dry paper and becomes spread out with soft edges on wet paper.

    Wet pencil on wet or dry paper – Creates a soft-edged line for more ethereal renderings, such as sky and water.

    Dry pencil and wash-over with a wet paintbrush – Creates almost any visual effect with soft or hard edges.

    Textual interest – Scrape color directly from the stick into pre-wetted paper.

    12-Ct., Woodless Watercolor Pencils
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