• Design Memory Craft Mix & Match Studio Caddy Premium Gift Set 174pcs 12"X7.5"X5"

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    The 174-piece Studio Caddy Premium Gift Set is all you need to start designing mixed media artwork to capture your special moments. Each kit includes 30 Art GRIP® Aquarelles, 28 Gelatos, 20 Stamper's Big Brush Pens, 16 PITT® Pastel Pencils, 40 PITT® Artists Pens, 10 Essential Tools, 30 Art GRIP® Color Pencils, and thorough illustrated instructions to aid your art making process. It rests on any flat surface either standing upright or lying down. The caddy measures: 12" wide, 4 5/8" high, and 7 5/8" deep. It contains 24 compartments approximately 2X2 each.

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