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    Can you believe it? A REAL HOSPITAL GRADE breast pump for about $200? You would have to pay $1000 with any other brand to get the same quality and efficiency!
    Suitable to establish and maintain supply OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME!
    NEED A COMPLETELY PORTABLE, HOSPITAL GRADE BREAST PUMP FOR LESS? If you are a working mom, a premie mom or a mom who is going to need to pump many times daily, the SPECTRA DEW 350 is the perfect pump for you. The SPECTRA DEW 350 is a daily use breastpump designed for moms who pump several times a day. 
    We have personally trialed, tested and examined all breast pumps on the market(We have been providing breastfeeding services since 1999!) and we can tell you that the Spectra Dew 350 can stand toe to toe with the Medela Lactina or any other hospital grade breast pump any time - but it's less bulky, less noisy and of course, less expensive. No need to rent a pump, you can buy one right here!!!
    Express your milk quietly and comfortably with the elegantly designed Spectra Dew Electric Breast Pump that boasts some of the latest technology. The Spectra Dew Electric Breast Pump provides Hospital Grade Suction AND EFFICIENCY!
    The Spectra Dew electric breast pump is very quiet and represents the ideal solution for regular and discreet expression. It features an easy to adjust suction dial. So you can easily adjust the suction level to suit your body.
    Spectra Dew also comes with backflow protection to ensure safe and hygienic expressing at all times.  
    High Suction Power:  Shorter period for expressing breast milk &helps draw out inverted nipples.
    Quiet even at maximum power:  Makes expressing discreet and pleasant, minimizing any disturbance to baby.
    Dual pumping
    Adjustable Suction Power
    BPA Free
    Ships to U.S. and Canada only!

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