• Dewey Rocking Dinosaur

    Charm Company / Foland Group

  • $130.00

  • Description

    The dinosaur rocker is a cuddly riding friend for your kid. It is a cute green dinosaur with a spiked collar and tail. It has been designed for children aged 18 months and above and above. The structure is constructed of hand crafted hardwood while the cute dinosaur is made out of soft plush. The rocker comes with a high back padded, cushioned plush seat that secures your child while riding. Features wooden handles to hold on to. It measures 25" length x 12" width x 18" height. Seat height to floor is 9".
           82371 Features: -Two wooden pegs for easy grip.-Great green dinosaur with a friendly smile.-Hours of great fun.-For age 18 months and up. Dimensions: -26.3" H x 15" W x 19.5" D, 13 lbs.

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