• DHS Zinc Shampoo - 16 oz

    Person and Covey

  • $33.97

  • Description

    The DHS Shampoo is a very effective shampoo that treats two particular diseases - dandruff and psoriasis.From Person & Covey, Inc. comes one of the shampoos that aims for optimum hair and scalp health, the DHS shampoo. Founded by the chemist Lorne V. Person in 1941, Person & Covey, Inc. has continued growing with each generation, being one of the pioneers in developing products for health and personal care. The company works with medical professionals in developing formulas for high quality products that mostly focus on dermatologic care and sun protection. One of the most appreciated thing about Person & Covey, Inc. products is their consideration for the uniqueness of each individual, therefore producing top of the line products that can be used by everybody, including those who are very sensitive.

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