• Digital Bottle Warmer


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    berry bottle warmers Digital Heats up in a matter of minutes and thaws milk and jelly bottle warmer Chicco The new bottle warmer Chicco line allows you to choose between different models to warm safe milk and baby food for your baby. gradual warming It helps to preserve the quality of milk Fast Heats milk and baby food in a few minutes (3'50 '', 150 ml of milk at a temperature of 20 ° C) The program best suited to your needs You can choose from 12 specific programs by selecting the starting temperature of the food and the bottle or the jar size. Thaws safely select the setting dedicated to thaw milk or baby food for your baby Planning ahead warming Suitable for all baby bottles and jars both of Bean that with most of those commercially Convenient to use It includes a comfortable support for a better grip of baby bottles and jars, and reduce the risk of burns

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