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    The original Yard-O-Led Diplomat propelling pencil, a classic writing instrument.  This ever popular design remains unchanged since 1934.  Thoughtfully designed, its angular hexagonal shape helps to stabilize the pencil on a gently sloping surface such as a draughtsman's table.  Like all Yard-O-Led pencils, the diplomat contains 12 three inch leads, literally a yard of lead, providing the inspiration behind the Yard-O-Led company name.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The workshops is located in the Jewellery Quarter of the City of Birmingham, Yard-O-Led understand the importance of time-honoured methods of craftsmanship since 1934.  Uncompromising skill and painstaking detail have been put into each writing instrument we make. Each pen and pencil in the Yard-O-Led range is handcrafted using traditional 19th century techniques.The unique clip is made from sheet silver and crafted by eight different processes,   while each Victorian finish pen is hand hammered two thousand times to create its distinctive pattern.Each pen is individually numbered and comes complete with a lifetime guarantee. The British Assay office hallmarks every instrument as proof of sterling silver quality.

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