• Divas & Dames Magnet & Wine Charm Set

    Sunset Vista Designs

  • $16.49

  • Description

    Add some character and personality to your party decor with this fun 7 piece wine charm set from sunset vista designs. shaped metal wine bottle and wine glass charm set will keep your table and your guests in good party spirit. wine bottle decoration loops around the bottle neck and is approximately 9" long x 3.5" wide. charms have various icons like a wine bottle, a fancy purse and a wine glass and can be hung from your wine glass stem to identify peoples drinks. they can also be used around napkins to accent your table place settings for any party gathering. painted with character, these charms are stamped of metal and are accented with colored beads. wine bottle charm doubles as a refrigerator magnet. sunset vista has everything under the sunset to decorate with a compelling array of fun and fashionable garden, gift and home decor products.

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