• Dog Rocks - 200g

    Coast 2 Coast Pet

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    DOG ROCKSTM Dog Rocks are an exciting and proven product used to help prevent those nasty burn patches appearing on your lawn when your loving pet takes a pee. By simply placing contents of DOG ROCKSTM packet into your pet's water bowl and filling it with no more than 2 litres of water your lawns will start to look greener and fresher. DOG ROCKSTM hold special properties that helps your loving pet fertilize your lawn, not destroy it. DOG ROCKSTM are regularly laboratory tested and are safe for your pets. PRODUCT DETAILS - Paramagnetic Igneous Rock DOG ROCKSTM increase the properties of Boron, Barium, Manganese and Strontium while decreasing Tin levels in the water. You may find that in times of extremely sunny weather and high temperatures your dog will drink more water. In these circumstances you may find that you will have to "up" your dosage of Dog Rocks and in some cases even double it. Dog Rocks are not an exact science and every dog is different but once you have sussed out what works for you, there is no reason for any more burn patches on your lawn as long as directions for use are adhered to.

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