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    Doggie Doo was named Game of the Year in England and Australia, and now it’s come to America! This hit game has been featured on Jay Leno, Live! With Kelly, and Chelsea Lately as one of the most innovative toys on the market.  To play, feed your Doggie and take him for a walk. When you squeeze his leash, he makes a gassy sound that gets louder and louder until...plop. The first to clean up after the dog three times wins!  Kids love playing with Doggie Doo! Kids learn how to feed and clean up after Doggie! Take turns feeding and walking the dog The game begins by making a tasty treat for doggie and putting the food in his bowl to make sure he gets the right amount.  Feed the treat to the Doggie then give him his bone and leave it in his mouth during game play.  The youngest player rolls the die to see how many times to squeeze on his leash.  Squeeze the leash that number of times and hear the sound of Doggie’s tummy starting to grumble. As play continues, the treat makes its way down the dog’s body, and comes out the tail end! The player that makes the Doggie Doo come out the other end and land on the table gets to scoop it up with their scooper. The first player to collect three pieces of Doggie’s Doo is the winner. Responsible pet ownership Doggie Doo is a pre-school action game and NO batteries are required.  The goal of the game is to teach younger children to how to take care of their doggie. Doggie Doo makes feeding, walking and cleaning up after your dog a fun and exciting event! Younger children learn about taking turns and following directions. The Doggie Doo food is non-toxic and also fun to play with by itself.  Ok, we admit that not many people buy that this all about being a responsible pet owner and that the funniest part is that this dog does his business in an entertaining way. Silly, funny sounds add to the fun! Kids will laugh and love the hilarious sounds the doggie makes as the food gets digested!  Air pressure from the bone in the doggie’s mouth moves the yellow slime down the body of the dog and creates gassy sounds that will have everyone laughing out loud. Check out the commercial on the video link and you will see what we mean. What's In The Box? doggie, leash with tube,  container of food, four shovels, die, bone, food dish, and instructions.  Hilarious fun for kids of all ages! 

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