• Dominoes - Plastic Double 6 Color Dot Dominoes in Tin

    Cardinal Industries

  • $9.10

  • Description

    Are you clicking yet? Play dominoes! It isn't just one game, as  many people think. There are many games and variations at many skill  levels. Domino sets vary in size and complexity, according to the number  of dots. This standard Double Six set has 28 domino pieces, and each  piece has from one to six color-coded dots at each end, or no dots  (blank). The pieces can be used to play 16 different games; instructions  for all the games are included. Made of a heavy white, ivory-like  plastic, the pieces are 2 inches long, 1 inch wide, and .3 inch thick,  and they store neatly in their blue tin.  --Richard Farr 
           A good game of dominoes helps you to relax and to clear the mind, so why not enjoy a game or two using these double Mexican train dominoes from Cardinal. Designed for two to eight players, the white dominoes have colored dots, with six distinct colors. There are 28 dominoes in the set, and they include instructions. They come packed in a storage tin for convenience.

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