• Double Wall Stainless Steel Water Bottle - 64 oz, Winter White Barrel Growler

    Icy-Hot Hydration

  • $11.00

  • Description

    The new double wall, vacuum insulated "growler" sized water bottle is the largest size bottle they carry. Its 64 ounce capacity is the perfect size to fill with your favorite brewer craft beers, or for taking enough hot or cold beverages with you for your day trips. The double-wall, vacuum insulated bottle is specifically designed to keep liquids hot or cold all day. Double-wall technology also prevents condensation and keeps the outside wall of the bottle at a comfortable temperature, regardless of whether it is carrying a hot or cold beverage. The bottles are constructed from high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel, which unlike aluminum bottles, does not require any kind of liner. Bottles will not retain odor or taste, and also are 100 percent recyclable. All components, including lid, are 100 percent BPA free.

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