• Dr. Duke's Essential Herbs: 13 Vital Herbs You Need to Disease-Proof Your Body, Boost Your Energy, Lengthen Your Life

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    Combining the most powerful natural substances. Dr. Duke has created a "cocktail" for heart disease that may well have the calcium channel-blocking punch of a leading pharmaceutical--and without the side effects.

    Do you legs ache after standing? Are you bothered by hemorrhoids? Do you think there's no help for varicose veins? Dr. Duke tells you about horse chestnut capsules--and the ancillary herb that may further enhance their performance.

    Alcohol, Hepatitis C, environmental toxins, and other serious attacks on your liver now have an astonishing first line of defense in milk thistle.

    Don't get rid of your dog, but do add saw palmetto, which helps avert prostate problems, may keep your hair from thinning, and boosts both sexes' libido. Dr. Duke compares it to the widely prescribed alternative--and you can judge which lands firmly in the plus column.

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