• Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen


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    Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen   The Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen will offer convenience on the go during all your outdoor adventures with your dog.  Your pet gets fresh water, whenever she needs it, and no unused water goes to waste!   Features   36oz capacity       Fold out bowl for easy drinking       Extra wide strap for comfort       Dishwasher safe       Portable, Convenient  & Refreshing!   The Hydro-Go is a 36 oz. portable water canteen for dogs and cats with a fold-out bowl for easy drinking. The fold-out bowl forms a funnel with the spout and allows any unused water to be poured back into the canteen, so no water is wasted on your outdoor adventures! The bowl detaches from the canteen to provide both a food and water dish. Features an extra-wide shoulder strap for carrying comfort and is dishwasher safe.         Can take apart for easy cleaning       Slim and compact       
           The Hydro-Go! is a pet canteen unlike any other. The special design features a fold-out funnel bowl that allows you to return unused water to the canteen. The bowl can also detach from the canteen creating both a water bowl and a food bowl. The Hydro-Go! features an extra wide nylon strap for comfort and durability. Whether you are hiking, biking, camping, in the car or RV, the Hydro-Go! makes keeping your pet hydrated a breeze.

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