• Dry Hair Lotion, 8oz

    Just Natural

  • $28.99

  • Description

    Dry damaged hair is always under stress from the environment, hard water, cleansers or blow dryers that weaken it by removing moisture from your hair. Weak hair becomes drier, dull, frizzy and split ends can occur with breakage. Your hair deserves the best to look its best. Many hair lotions use chemicals to make your hair look and feel good but they do not help or improve your hair. In the end you don't get the results you want and you and your hair suffer for it. Our organic natural hair lotion feeds and nourishes your hair will real natural ingredients that add value to improve your hair each day that you use it. This natural lotion is light weight and dries to the touch for a salon look finish with soft shiny hold that controls frizz.

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