• Dry Mouth Toothpaste, Original, 4.5 oz (4pk)

    Biotene (GlaxoSmith)

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    Antibacterial enzyme system. Gentle, low foaming formula. Enzyme protection plus fluoride plus calcium. Reduces bacteria & gum irritations due to dry mouth. No. 1 recommended dry mouth care. Helps restore and strengthen your saliva's natural defenses. Triple enzyme protection: Lactoperoxidase; Lactoferrin; Lysozyme. Contains oral enzymes necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Clinically proven to reduce the bacteria associated with plaque and gingivitis. Promotes healing of bleeding gums and inflammation. Effectively fights the causes and effects of bad breath. Gentle, low foaming sodium lauryl sulfate-free formula. You may not realize you suffer form dry mouth until it causes serious dental problems. If you are experiencing two or more of following, it's probably due to dry mouth: constant dry feeling, cracked lips, sore of bleeding gums, cavities, excessive plaque, bad breath. The most common cause of dry mouth are medications. More than 400 commonly used drugs can alter your saliva flow. Dry mouth- the hidden cause of plaque, gum disease and eventually tooth loss. After using Biotene - gum issues are healthy and plaque is reduced (Biotene was used as part of a comprehensive professional program. Studies upon request.). Biotene Dry Mouth Toothpaste combines patented antibacterial enzymes with essential components to restore and strengthen you mouth's natural defense system. No other toothpaste increases your saliva's protection against harmful bacteria. Helps maintain a healthy oral environment to prevent irritations, cavities and bad breath. Helpful to anyone having difficulties maintaining good oral hygiene. Naturally sweetened with Xylitol. This product contains no sugar and no saccharin. No sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Made in USA.

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