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    The BootGlove from DryGuy is a performance layering system that blocks the loss of body heat from your boots. As a thermally insulated neoprene glove for your boots, it will keep your feet warm in extreme wind and snow chill situations. Designed and tested to -20 degrees F in the frigid Alaskan Arctic, the BootGlove has also been tested to hold in body heat adding up to +53 degrees F to the shell of your boots and up to 20 degrees F to the toe box for toasty toes. Designed for use with snowboard, Nordic, telemark, snowshoe, and mountaineering boots, the BootGlove is waterproof and has a Velcro adjustable rear strap for comfort.   About DryGuy  DryGuy's patents and technologies were born from hands-on experiences in the snow and outdoors. In 1994, founder Joel Beckett set out to solve the problem of cold feet and hands. By applying lessons learned from 20 years in the aerospace industry, Joel discovered new ways to keep active people warm. Today DryGuy is the country's leading supplier of footwear and accessory dryers and thermal layering systems. DryGuy's products are designed to keep you at an optimum level of comfort inside and out. 
           Designed in the frigid Alaskan Arctic, BootGlove provides a Thermal Protection Layer of Insulating neoprene for your Ski Boots to keep your feet warm in extreme wind chill and winter snow conditions. Skiers will appreciate the lasting warmth BootGlove provides adding up to +20-degrees F/7-degrees C to your boot's toe box and conserving heat loss where it’s most important… YOUR FEET!

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