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    Modern handheld gaming has long been dominated by Nintendo              and Sony. Each hardware manufacturer has multiple viable offerings              derived either directly, or evolving from the respective DS and PlayStation              Portable product lines. All of these devices are impressive multifunctional              devices, with designs meant to encourage gameplay on the go, integration              with the Internet, backwards compatibility to previous games, and              so on, but each goes about this in different ways. Taking a few minutes              to examine the main features, and getting more familiar with available              options, accessories and possible limitations of each handheld is              the optimal way to determine which is the best choice for a player.               Handheld Console Choices                                                                         Nintendo 3DS                                              View                        larger                                                                                Nintendo DSi/DSi XL                                              View                        larger                                                                                PSP                                              View                        larger                                                                                PSPgo                                              View                        larger                                                                                PlayStation Vita                                              View                        larger                                                                        Suggested Retail Price (prices may vary)                                     $169.99                                                     $149.99/$169.99                                                     $149.99                                                     $199.99                                                     $249.99 - $299.99                    (February 2012)                                 Display                                     Dual screen: upper - 3.53" LCD, lower - 3.02"                    LCD touch screen                                                    Dual screen, backlit, 3.25"/4.2", LCD with                    256 x 192 resolution                                                    4.3" full transparent                                                    3.8" full transparent                                                    5" OLED multi-touch screen                                Internal Usable Memory                                    64 MB                                                    NA                                                    64 MB                                                    16 GB                                                    TBD                                External Media Storage                                    SD memory card                                                    SD memory card                                                    Sony Memory Stick Duo                                                    Memory stick micro                                                    New proprietary "NVG" flash cards                                Size                                     5.3" (l) x 2.9" (w) x 0.8" (h)                                                    5.4" (w) x 2.9" (l) x 0.74" (h) / 6.3" (w)                    x 3.6" (l) x 0.84" (h)                                                    6.7 (w) x 2.7" (w) x 0.7" (h)                                                    5.0 (w) x 2.71" (h) x 0.65" (d)                                                    7.2 (l) x 3.3" (w) x 0.73" (d)                                Weight                                     8 oz.                                                    7.5/1

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