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    The game that launched the Nintendo 64 system stands the test of time as one of the first and  best exploratory action/adventure games. Guide the legendary plumber through an incredibly vast magical  world with never-before-seen movement and camera-angle freedom. Mario's got the moves with graduated  speeds of running and walking, jumps, super jumps, bounce attacks, swimming, and more. The more you  play, the more moves you'll discover.  This industry milestone game lets gamers play at their own pace, encouraging them to explore new nooks  and crannies of its many levels with a Zen-like approach where the journey is as important as the goal.  Other N64 games such as  Zelda ,  Banjo-Kazooie , and  Donkey Kong 64  all owe  much of their inspiration to this gem of a game. A showcase for the system's graphics and processing speed  capabilities,  Super Mario 64  is a must-have for any N64 owner.  --Jeff Young   Pros:   Huge world makes for enduring game experience   Plenty of room for replay   State-of-the-art graphics for its time   Imaginative levels keep you guessing, and helpful characters act as an in-game tutorial   Cons:   First-generation game doesn't feature as much texture or detail in graphics     
           Complete In Box(little wear on box). Like New Cartridge. Tested. 7-Day Warranty, buyer pays returned shipping.

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