• Dual Powered USB and 12V Travel Mug

    Style Asia

  • $18.99

  • Description

    Keep your favorite hot drink from getting cold!Sometimes while studying, browsing the web, or staying entertained on your computer you forget about your favorite cup of coffee, tea or soup on your desk. Keep it hot with this Excalibur 494-SR Travel Cup and enjoy your hot drink the way it was meant to be enjoyed, heated up!The Excalibur 494-SR Travel Cup is not only useful on your desktop. Plug in the included car charger into your vehicles power outlet and keep your drink hot while you drive; it's perfect for long commutes and road trips!The comfortable, rubberized handle keeps your grip secure and a spill-proof lid keeps your shirt clean when you hit road bumps! Plug into an available USB port on your Mac or PC or plug into your vehicles power outlet, either way you choose, you'll be happy when your lips taste that warm beverage!

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