• Duck Croquet Set


  • $5.00

  • Description

    Who says you need grass to play croquet? With this darling little set, you can set up these ducky wickets (or"duckets") on any floor, smooth or carpeted, and you are ready to go! How many tries does it take for you to get your ball through the duckets? Balls are small enough to be safe to roll in the house and keep the game in control. Make up your own rules - are the duckets set up in a straight line or are they scattered? Do you have to get your ball through them in a certain order? How will you keep score? The duckies will cheer you on no matter how you decide to play! Four wood and rope duckets measure approximately 5" high, wood balls measure approximately 1.5" in diameter and two wood mallets measure 17.5" long.

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