• Duncan Original Design 2-Piece Chefs Mitt, Beaujolais


  • $28.00

  • Description

    New improved insulation and new non-slip grip, Duncan's Original design 2-piece Kitchen Grips mitt set features a left handed and right handed mitt. To enjoy the maximum benefit only use the black nubbed side against hot surfaces. Our unique FLXaPrene material helps you safely remove hot food from the oven to the table. Made of a non-porous material that stops bacteria growth, and prevents stains that cause bacteria buildup, the mitts are heat-resistant 500 F/260 C to -134 F/-92C. Non-slip grip, non-skid, raised nub surface creates more insulation between the hand and heat source. Wider, generous fit design, with elegant decorative zigzag stitch on outside edge. Made in USA.

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