• Durgol swiss espresso, 4.2 fl. oz. Set of 2


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  • Description

    Durgol Swiss Espresso Special decalcifier is specifically formulated to decalcify, protect, and care for any espresso machine--regardless of the brand. The Swiss Espresso Special decalcifier effortlessly removes calcium/lime build-up in all brands of espresso machines: full and half automatics, manual or "pod" machines, even filter machines, electric water heaters, and tea kettles.

    Don't Risk a Day Without Your Favorite Brew: Keep Durgol On Hand

    Regular use of this special formula will ensure the optimal quality of your espresso and also extend the lifespan of your machine. The process is fast, thorough, and safe, guaranteed to decalcify quickly and easily. There is no need to dissolve tablets or powders, there is no need to wait for the decalcification process to work. In fact, it works up to 10 times faster than others. There is no residue which could clog the machine. Thanks to its efficient corrosion protection, Durgol Swiss Espresso cares for the components of your fine espresso machine.

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