• Ear Gear Micro Binaural Corded Lipstick Pink

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    Protect your investment with a comfortable, acoustically transparent spandex sleeve designed for your hearing instrument. Perfect for all ages. Prevent damage to your hearing instruments from sweat, dirt, moisture, loss and reduce wind noise. There are 4 sizes fitting most makes and models of hearing aids: Micro, Mini, Original and FM. Plus, we offer a model for ITE (in the ear) hearing aids, Cochlear Implants and Baha Devices. Whether you wish to make a fashion statement or minimize the appearance of your HA, there are 8 colors to choose from OR...customize - ask us how. There are also many variations: mono/binaural, with or without a stretch cord and locking clip (for security), with or without eyeglass loops. For assistance with sizing, see the ruler pictorials, check www.gearforears.com, call 1-888-766-1838 or for a visual, copy and paste: https://youtu.be/ic1eyVuhDK8. EAR GEAR IS HEARING INSTRUMENT ARMOR!

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