• Ear-Heal Drops - Ear Infections, 50ml,(Native Remedies)

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    Ear-Heal Drops is a 100% proven, natural and safe compound remedy with herbal and homeopathic ingredients for internal ear use. Ear-Heal Drops help maintain and promote healthy ears and normal functioning. Ear-Heal Drops are a safe and effective, internal treatment for ear infections, specially formulated for adults and children over 10 years old. Ear-Heal Drops are an effective natural alternative to antibiotic treatment of ear infections and are an excellent companion to Ear-OK ear drops, which are used internally directly in the ear. Use Ear-Heal Drops as a natural alternative to antibiotic treatment of ear infections; to treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections of the ear; to reduce inflammation, pain and throbbing in the ears; to prevent recurrence of chronic ear infections and to boost immune system functioning.

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