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    Product Description Mack's Cordless Rechargeable Ear Dryer is a portable and rechargeable way to dry ears in about a minute with soothing warm, dry air. Helps prevent swimmer's ear. Doctor recommended for use after all water sports. Dries water in outer ear after swimming, bathing, water sports activities and moisture due to perspiration. Compact folding design travels with you anywhere. PRODUCT FEATURES: Dry Cycle runs about a minute. If required use 2nd drying cycle. Customized computer chip maintains gentle airflow and dry cycle. Heating Unit monitors and regulates safe, warming heat range. Intake filter keeps air flow clean. Led Light indicates unit is on. Lithium ion rechargable battery, included. UL approved battery charger. Runs 50 drying cycles before recharging. Recharging in 5 hours. 5 color-coded earpieces are reusable and easy to take on and off. Contents of Box: 1-portable, folding EarDryer. 1-Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. 1-Light weight, battery charger unit (90V - 240 AC/ 700mA) 5-colorcoded reusable earpieces. 1-Complete set of Instructions (Read before using) 1-Year warranty Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Choking Hazard: Colored earpieces are small. Keep out of reach of children under 3-years. Ask a doctor before use if your have: Ear drainage, pain, irritation or rash in the ear, dizziness or head surgery. Not designed to treat middle or inner ear infections. Consult your Physician.

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