• Earth Worth 32"X32"X63" Mylar Hydro Shanty Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent - Earth Worth Quality at an Affordable Price!

    Earth Worth (distributor DTX International)

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    What makes the Earth Worth Hydro Shanty EW-32 so special? Quality and Performance! Earth Worth supplies only the highest quality hydroponic tents and shanty's. Our systems are found in hydroponic research facilities around the country and are used professionally in agricultural research, biotechnology, and pharmacology.  Start small, grow BIG! Our innovative Hydro-Shanty enhances your growing environment and enables you to get the most out of your hydroponic system.  Coming in at an astounding 63" x 32" x 32", you will have more than enough room for several plants/vegetables.  The Earth Worth system includes a highly reflective, waterproof, thermally optimized environment which is perfect for indoor gardening.  The exterior is made of commercial grade oxford cloth, the inner lining is made of our innovative mylar material, and the exterior incorporates premium grade exterior zippers so you can setup and take down the system in minutes.  Our frame is the best in the businessit is lightweight, strong, sturdy, and reinforced with metal.  The light-weight portable system has more than enough vents to accommodate your fans and filters and the system can be set-up quickly and easy in your bedroom, living room, basement, shed, or garage.  Earth Worth lighting systems are perfect for both amateurs and professionals.  Our innovative plug and play kits have taken the guesswork out of hydroponics and make indoor gardening a breeze.  This kit includes all the components you need to set-up your indoor garden so you can grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables year round.  Earth Worth hydroponic products are created by growers FOR growers. And we stand behind every product we sell 100%. Package Includes: *Mylar Hydro Shanty (Full Reflection) * Frame / Mounting Poles *Removable water proof PVC plastic floor tray *Assembly Instructions

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