• Earth Worth 32"X32"X63" Mylar Hydro Shanty Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent - Earth Worth Quality at an Affordable Price!

    Earth Worth (distributor DTX International)

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    Our innovative dual door Hydro-Shanty enhances your growing environment and enables you to get the most out of your hydroponic system. Coming in at an astounding 6-1/3ft x 6-1/3ft x 6-1/3ft, you will have more than enough room for several plants/vegetables. The Earth Worth system includes a highly reflective, waterproof, thermally optimized environment which is perfect for indoor gardening. The exterior is made of commercial grade oxford cloth, the inner lining is made of our innovative mylar material, and the exterior incorporates premium grade exterior zippers so you can setup and take down the system in minutes. Our frame is the best in the businessit is lightweight, strong, sturdy, and reinforced with metal. Size: 76"(L)x76"(W)x76"(H). Exterior Material: Heavy duty Oxford Cloth. Inner Lining Material: 100% Highly Reflective Water-proof Mylar. Frame Material: Powder Coated Metal. Premium Grade Zippers and Velcro for easily setup and take down. Heavy Duty Metal Frame with high quality Pole Connectors. Innovative Dual Door Design. Includes a Front and Rear Door so you can quickly set-up your lighting system and tend to your indoor garden. Multiple Vents/openings for 4 inch, 6 inch, or 8 inch fans and filters. 2) Top Circular Vents, (1) Right Circular Vent, (1) Left Circular Vent, (2) Back Circular vents. NOTE: Vent rings are NOT included. Extra Heavy Duty Water-proof Floor for added protection. Light Proof Materialprevents unwanted spill light from entering the garden area. Includes handy side pockets for storing PH Meters and other accessories*. This tent is Compatible with all Earth Worth 400w, 600w & 1000w grow light systems*. *Grow Lights, Exhaust Fans, accessories and plants not included.

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