• Easy-to-Use Shamanism: Unlock the Power of Earth Magic to Transform Your Life

    Clear Light Publishing

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    Unlock the power of earth magic and transform your life! Shamans believe that everything in Creation is alive and connected in a wonderful and ever-changing web. When we forget this, our existence feels empty, stressed, and unfulfilled. Become one with the earth again, using this sacred guide to life, love, health, and happiness. Profusely illustrated with magnificent, imaginative, and colorful images, it teaches you a multitude of paths to empowerment. Take your first steps to shamanic wisdom with simple exercises, Native American and tribal rituals, and celebrations. Choose a special animal, tree, or other aspect of nature to be your "spirit helper": it will lead you beyond everyday reality and into another otherworldly dimension for healing, teaching, and advice. Learn about spirit medicine and altered states of consciousness, and how to interpret your experiences along the way. You'll reach your full potential!

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