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    This four-in-one tool slices eggs or mushrooms on the right side, turns them into moon-shaped wedges on the left side, pierces the end of eggshells with a sharp little needle, and comes with a handy garnishing tool for creating your own edible masterpiece. To prevent accidents, the egg piercer can be locked in the off position, keeping the sharp needle below the surface. To use the garnishing tool, just put the egg in the scalloped cup on the left side, slide the trowel-shaped tool into each of the six openings, then gently pull off the top of the egg for a "how'd you do that?" effect. The slicer's 10 stainless-steel wires give you uniformly sized pieces for better presentation. Both the slicer and the wedge tool have a lip on the top that protects your fingers while you're slicing. Dishwasher-safe, but hand washing is more effective.  --Doree Armstrong 
           Stainless steel wires evenly slice hard-boiled eggs and mushrooms or divide them into six equal segments. Egg piercer safely makes a pinhole in eggs so that they won't crack during boiling. Materials: ABS plastic frame with stainless steel wires

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