• Ekke Shot Glasses - Set of 4


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    For this set of shot glasses, we take advantage of the same physical principles that make our Whisky Stones so effective at chilling - we just do it in reverse, cooling from the outside in, rather than from the inside out. As always, soapstone is non-porous and will not trap flavor or odor from one use to the next. Store in the freezer for a super-cold shot or out in the open for simply a super-cool look. --- Welcome To The Table --- We set out to create thoughtfully designed objects for the table by enabling collaborations between a new generation of designers and some of the world's finest master artisans. Over the past 6 years, we have visited countless studios and workshops throughout Europe, Asia and the US. Some visits have been hilarious mistakes, others have been unexpected triumphs. We have met amazing people, experienced incredible things together and continue to have a lot of fun doing it. When it came time for us to begin the process of matching designer with artisan to create the elements of the Teroforma range, we couldn't help but notice that something special was happening. Through all the apparent differences of nationality and language and culture, and despite the sometimes vast gaps in distance and even age, the things that struck us were the amazing similarities among the people we had met. We think of Teroforma as a place where people can come together, share who they are, what they believe and the things they can imagine. Telling the story of the creative process and the people involved is about offering more than just the products we make-it's about giving people a chance to begin seeing things as they might be. And perhaps, in some small way, it's about reminding ourselves that sometimes the world can be an inspiring place. You just have to sit at the right table. Thanks for joining us, we're happy you are here. Welcome to our table!

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