• Elasticity Oil 4 oz

    Noodle & Boo

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    Noodle and Boo Elasticity Oil includes Calendula extract that calms skin while grape seed oil soothes to enhance skin's elasticity and protect against stretch marks. Oil relieves dry and itchy skin, no more itchy belly! Hypoallergenic and clinically tested for sensitive skin; Elasticity Oil is 100% safe to use maternity massage oil. Noodle and Boo pampers mommies-to-be and new moms with luxurious pregnancy skin care products that nurture and protect while offering peace of mind that there are no harmful ingredients that could hurt a developing baby or nursing newborn. Knowing some ingredients can be absorbed into the bloodstream, every ingredient is researched to ensure its appropriateness before it is used in any of our maternity products. Pregnant women and mommies can enjoy the benefits of clinically-proven products that offer amazing results. Every exclusive Noodle and Boo formula is developed to nourish, replenish and protect delicate and sensitive skin. Noodle and Boo is committed to creating the highest quality products using the finest ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen based on proven historical data and appropriateness for a given product, not for marketing propaganda. Ingredients are derived from natural resources and are 'certified organic' when available and safe to use. Made in the USA, our products are manufactured in an FDA-approved, pharmaceutical environment to ensure product quality and integrity. Every formula is hypoallergenic and clinically-tested to minimize the risk of allergic reaction, as well as dermatologist-tested to verify optimality for skin sensitivities. Additionally, our children's products are pediatrician-tested to ensure every consideration is taken to meet the needs of our youngest customers.

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