• Elder Flowers C/S Organic - 4 oz

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    Elder flowers are produced by the Sambucus nigra shrub, found in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our Elder flowers supplier is in Bulgaria. Commonly, Sambucus nigra is known as Black Elder, European Elder, and Boor tree, with the "nigra" portion of the name as Latin for "black". The elder flowers emerge from the branches of the Sambucus nigra in the summer months, after which they drop and the berries of the plant are produced. The flowers on the shrub are formed in clusters which are small, tubular shaped, white in color and quite fragrant. Origin: BulgariaCommon Names: Black-berried European elder, boor tree, European elder, German ElderOur wholesale Elder flowers come in both the cut and sifted as well as powder forms. Bulk Elder flowers may be taken as a tea. The flowers have been used historically as a blood cleanser and diuretic.

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