• Elgin Pain Relief Gel - Lower Cost Alternative to Biofreeze (Size: 32 oz. Pump Bottle)

    Elgin Division

  • $29.99

  • Description

    Clinical Formula Pain Relief Gel without the Stickiness
    Fast becoming the most popular pain relief gel on the market, clinical-grade Elgin Pain Relief Gel is, in our customers' opinion, a better product for much less than most pain relief gels on the market.  Elgin Gel's fast-growing list of users say it has a smoother consistency, strong pain-fighting performance and more natural ingredients compared to the current leading gel on the market.  
    Try Elgin Pain Relief Gel today and feel the difference!
    FDA approved.  Made in the USA.
    Important note, Elgin Pain Relief Gel does not contain propylene glycol - like other pain-relieving gels.  Propylene glycol is a preservative used in antifreeze.

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