• Elk Hunting the West the Eastman Way

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    Mike Eastman grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the observation and pursuit of elk and mule deer have occupied most of his waking hours for the past 40 years now. He is the eldest son of the late Gordon Eastman, one of the first producers of outdoor-adventure films and a true pioneer in the industry. Mike grew up filming and working on such classic hunting productions as Mule Deer Hunters, Rocky Mountain Safari elk, Rocky Mountain Safari Deer, Talk the Elk, Mule deer Action and Bowhunting Record Mule Deer.  As a youth, Mike could most often be found studying and hunting the high country of western Wyoming for trophy bulls and bucks. He harvested his first bull, a 350-class six point at the age of 14 near Jackson Hole, and area that supports one of the largest herds of elk in the world. In his younger years, Mike helped feed elk near his home, where over 8,000 elk waited out the winter on the Jackson Hole elk refuge. Later he was able to turn his love for elk hunting into a profession an outfitter in the Bridger Teton Wilderness.  In 1987 Mike launched a trophy-hunting magazine, The Eastmans' Hunting Journal, a guide for big-game hunting in the Rocky Mountain States. The publication covers hunting strategies, trophy areas, outfitters and includes great stories and photos fro successful trophy hunters just like you. In just 18 years, The Eastmans' Hunting Journal has grown into an international distributed magazine that is regarded by many as the best source for Western hunting information ever produced. Mike has also filmed, produced and marketed his own video library that includes three antelope, seven mule deer and three elk videos. 1999 saw the introduction of Eastmans' Hunting TV, with Mike as host, a highly successful television program on the Outdoor Channel that is currently in its seventh season. The show's focus is on hunting free-roaming trophy big game throughout the West. A noted author and lecturer, Mike has spoken at many national hunting shows and continues to travel across the country presenting his own unique flavor of mule deer hunting seminars to sellout crowds each year. His first book, Hunting High Country Mule Deer, is in its fifth printing. Mike, a longtime advocate of "fair chase" hunting practices, is respected throughout the hunting world for his knowledge of wildlife behavior. Hunter, publisher, wildlife photographer, video editor, television producer, best-selling author, and lecturer, Mike Eastman has done it all.

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