• Encore Chimes of Mars Verdigris, Dark Wood

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    Mars may call to mind the Roman god of war, but the Woodstock Encore Chimes of Mars Wind Chime - Verdigris / Dark Wood is handcrafted and hand-tuned to bring pure peace into your environment. As the wind strikes these chimes, the five harmonious notes of an ancient pentatonic scale ring out, creating uniquely subtle, enjoyable melodies. This chime is also designed to harmonize with all other chimes in Woodstock's Encore collection. Wind Chime Length: The length of a wind chime is measured by the overall length of the chime (not tube length) - hanging hook to the end of the sail.  This windchime is 17 inches long overall. About Woodstock Chimes Created by professional musician Garry Kvistad, Woodstock Chimes feature original and innovative designs that will add beauty and elegance to your home. Each chime has been tuned to create the purest, most beautiful musical intervals. Kvistad incorporates tunings of scales from many different cultures throughout the world to create unique, inspiring sounds and styles. It's easy to find the chime that's right for you at Woodstock, home of the original precision-tuned wind chime. Crafted of aluminum. Wood finished in bubinga; Metal finished in verdigris. Tuned to an ancient pentatonic scale. 5 melodious tubes. Haunting sound coordinates with all Encore collection chimes. Overall length: 17 in..

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