• Energizer 393 Silver Oxide Watch Battery - 1pc Tear Strip

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    5pk Energizer 393 SR754SW SR48 AG5 Silver Oxide Watch Battery   Need more than one? We offer great discounts on quantity orders and offers available.   PST- The 309, or SR754SW, is a popular Silver-Oxide cell commonly used in watches, with a shelf life of 5+ years. The high-drain equivalent of this cell, the 393 (or SR754W), may be substituted for the low-drain 309 at no additional cost.SpecificationsChemistry: Silver OxideVoltage: 1.55VDiameter: 7.9 mmHeight: 5.4 mmAlso Known As: 10 L 123/D 393, 10 L 13/D 309, 1136SO, 1137SO, 15, 193, 255, 309, 323, 393, 393A, 526, 546, 7 OT, 70T, AG5, D309, D309/393, D393, F, L754, LR48, LR750, LR754, G5A, GP93, GS5, R 309/16, R 393/15, RW 38, RW 48, RW28, RW48, S309/393, S754S, SB-B3, SB83, SP309, SP393, SR 48, SR 754 SW, SR 754 W, SP393, SR48, SR48W, SR754SW, SR754W, SR754W/SW, SR920, TR754SW, V309, V393, WS-6Alternate brand of equal or greater value may be shipped in place of brand depicted.SpecificationsBrand: Energizer   Output Voltage: 1.55V   Chemistry: Silver Oxide   Battery Size: 393 / 309   Height: 5.4mm   Diameter: 7.9mmCompatibilityLasermax: Guide Rod Laser, LMS-MP9F, MP40F   Size: 1136SO, 1137SO, 15, 193, 255, 309, 323, 393, 393A, 526, 546, 7OT, AG5, D309, D393, F, G5A, GP93, GS5, L754, LR48, LR750, LR754, R309/16, R393/15, RW28, RW38, RW48, S754S, SB-B3, SB83, SG5, SP309, SP393, SR48, SR48W, SR754SW, SR754W, SR920, TR754SW, V309, V393, WS-6  

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