• Energy Action Circuit DVD

    Body Bar Inc

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  • Description

    Featured fitness instructor Mindy Mylrea . 60-Minute workout video . Cardio and strength . Dynamic and energy-filled body blast of a cardio/muscle training workout . Cardio and strength sections intermix to create a fast-paced and efficient routine . Athletic aerobic segments challenge agility, coordination, balance and quick reaction time . Strength sections train each muscle group with both slow and fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment . Burn calories as you get strong, fast and powerful Top professionals in the fitness industry have joined forces to create the newest, most innovative ways to use the Body Bar & Mini Body Bar in group & individual exercise. These safe and effective programs combine traditional moves with the latest trends to help you reach your health and fitness goals. The wide variety of Master Your Body workouts are all different, fun and challenging. The DVD format allows you to do each workout on its own or customize your own workout by combining exercises from each.

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