• Essential Bunkai of the Heian Kata, double DVD by Vince Morris

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    Essential Bunkai of the Heian Kata - Double DVD:  
    Understanding real-life applications ('bunkai') of karate moves and forms. This instructional DVD shows and explains self-defense techniques using the 'Rules of Combat' and pressure points to make them effective in a real fight.
    As a tribute to the work of Master Itosu, Sensei Vince Morris, 8th Dan Kissaki-Kai, presents the first full collection of the essential bunkai of the five Heian / Pinan Kata.
    A Masterful compilation of real, effective, defensive combat techniques which should be studied by all karate-ka.
    Understand the depth of real bunkai and by applying the Rules of Combat principles for effectiveness, the techniques shown are applicable to all martial arts, not just karate.
    About Sensei Vince Morris, 8th Dan Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do: 
    Now in his sixties, with more than 50 years Martial Arts experience, Vince Morris is a leading authority in the world of karate and his effective no-nonsense approach to his art has earned him worldwide respect. He regularly taught Tactical Officer Protection courses at the Antwerp Police Academy and for a variety of other Law Enforcement agencies which has brought him many commendations and citations for his extraordinary skills along with the acknowledgement that these skills have saved lives!
    Always concerned with making the art of karate as effective as he knew it could be, Sensei Morris developed Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do, and by utilising his knowledge of pressure points and the "Rules of Combat" has seen it develop into a well-rounded system of personal protection.

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