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    Hunting the Bale Mountains and Omo River Valley of Ethiopia. Join Mark Buchanan of Big Bore Productions on two separate safaris to Ethiopia in search of some of Africa's toughest and rarest trophies. Travel to the Bale Mountains in pursuit of Mountain Nyala, then to the Omo River Valley where some of the most unique tribes in all of Africa reside. Custom built rifles built on Granite Mountain actions by Joe Smithson and Ryan Breeding, .300 H&H, .300 Ultra mag. Along with a double Marcel Thys in .375 flanged. This could possibly be the rarest African hunting DVD ever made. It is almost ninety minutes of heart pounding action with incredible scenic and cultural footage edited throughout. 12 animals in all, some of which may never be sport hunted again. This is Africa the way it used to be, and may never be again.

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