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    PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White         The only baby bath you will ever need!   The PRIMO EuroBath makes bath time safe, fun, and convenient for both baby and parents. It’s like gaining an extra pair of hands for mom and dad! It’s the first smart bath because the unique anatomical shape keeps baby in the ideal bathing position and prevents baby from slipping under the water. The extra-large size and double position make the EuroBath an ideal long term investment and is perfect from the very first day up through baby’s second birthday.   EuroBath Features   The largest and safest bath available   Bathe in two positions: Infant (0-6 Months) in reclining position and Toddler (6-24+ Months) in sitting position   Uniquely contoured shape supports back, arms, and legs and helps prevent baby from slipping under water   Keeps baby warm and safe during bath time   Drain plug for easy draining and clean up   Made from: BPA Free, PVC Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free, Non-Toxic, & Recyclable Polypropylene   Made in USA       0 - 6 Month Reclined Bathing Position     Unique Infant & Toddler Positions   Unlike most baths, the EuroBath has been specially designed to accommodate your child's needs as they grow. Both bathing positions leave plenty of water to splash and play while ensuring that your child is kept warm, safe, and secure. A unique contoured seat has been seamlessly molded into the bath which gently supports your 0 to 6 month old infant in a reclining position. If at first your child is too small for the reclined bathing position, a soft cloth can be used under the infant to comfortably fill in any extra space as your child grows into the bath.   Once your child has outgrown this contoured seat, the cleverly designed EuroBath then transitions into a toddler sized bath as soon as your baby can sit up unassisted at approximately 6 months. Your toddler’s back will be supported, while the contoured safety seat between the legs prevents your toddler from slipping into the water.  The extra-large size of the EuroBath provides plenty of room for your baby to safely bathe and play.  It also allows enough water to keep your baby warm. The EuroBath has a plug for easy draining and a smooth easy-to-clean surface.         6 - 24 Month Seated Bathing Position     Designed for Quality, Safety, & Style   The EuroBath combines European style with high quality attention to detail and American manufacturing. It's the largest bath currently on the market, measuring 36 inch long by 21 inch wide and 9 inch deep, and is entirely made in the USA.  An included drain plug makes emptying the bath quick and convenient without causing a mess. The polypropylene bath is easily cleaned by wiping it down with soap and a wet cloth.   The optional PRIMO Folding Bath Stand can be used with the EuroBath when the child is in the reclining position putting your infant at waist level for a comfortable bathing height.  It is safest to use the EuroBath either on the floor or in an adult bath tub once your toddler can stand up unassisted.  If a toddler stands up unexpectedly, they could step or fall out of the bath.  So it is best to have a bathing toddler as close to the floor as possible.

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