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    These long neck EuroPunch Pliers from Eurotool are specially designed to create 1.5mm holes in copper and silver up to 18 gauge thick. Exactly what you need to easily add a hole to that stamping, metal blank or sheet stock. Will create a clean hole without rough edges or burs in sheet metal stock. The pliers have ergonomic handles and are made of thick carbon steel. One (1) replacement pin included. When worn, the pin can easily be changed for a clean cut every time. The longer neck of these pliers allows you to more easily reach areas on larger pieces. Measurements: About 6.25 inches long. Pun pin in 1.5mm in diameter. PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend eye protection with the use of any tools. These pliers are intended for beading and other fine hobby work. Not recommended for heavy duty applications such as automotive, home improvement or maritime use.

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