• EVAN GF Classic BF Dog 13z

    Animal Supply Co

  • $32.03

  • Description

    Evanger's All Natural Classic Beef Canned Dog Food is grain-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, 100% market-fresh beef with water sufficient for the canning process... That's it! No preservatives are used to maintain the freshness, because this highly nutritious food is vacuum packed and cooked right in the can. Intended only for intermittent and supplemental feeding, it does make an excellent mixer with your dog's favorite dry food. Evanger's has never been involved in a recall in the 75 years they have been in the pet food industry. The company picks up its raw ingredients one day for production the next and takes advantage of its small size by processing its own pet food and controlling the quality of its products. It is also certified Kosher for Passover by the cRc (not kosher for human consumption) and made in the USA.

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