• Excursion Travel Tin Havana 5.9 oz, Size #96

    Archipelago Botanicals

  • $16.25

  • Description

    Made by Archipelago Botanicals, these highly scented candles in tin containers are generously infused with essential oils. The Havana candle is scented with essential oils of bergamot, tobacco leaf, and ylang-ylang, resulting in a wonderfully sophisticated, complex fragrance.  These scented candles feature the finest lead-free wicks, waxes, and complex, essential oil blends, ensuring a truly exquisite aroma that will fill your home. And the elegant and practical tins make this candle perfect for the home, office, or travel. These highly scented candles in tin containers come in a tin container about 3" across, and they burn for about 55 hours.

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