• Exploding Handgun Myths

    Paladin Press

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    The dirty little secret most firearms instructors won't tell you is that their careful instruction in stance, grip, trigger control, and all the rest of the rigmarole included in traditional firearms training goes completely out the window when you're in a dark alley facing a gangbanger with a sharpened screwdriver pointed at your guts. In this no-nonsense video, Phil Motzer, the Crucible's chief firearms instructor, teaches you how you can put man-stopping rounds into your attacker when you're faced with real-world violence, not static targets on a safety-monitored range. Using only what works when you're under the physiological effects of imminent danger, he blows away the myths of typical handgun training one by one, streamlining them into a combat shooting program that will prepare you for a  real  gunfight. Arguments about isosceles vs. Weaver and point shooting vs. sighted fire are for amateurs. This video will teach you how to shoot like a pro when your life is on the line.  For information purposes only .

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