• Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait - 4.5 lb Jug

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  • Description

    Extinguish plus fire ant bait is the only bait in the industry that combines two active ingredients to control fire ant infestations. The IGR sterilizes the queen and prevents rebound, while the fast-acting adulticide kills problem worker ants. This two-way action ensures complete, fast-acting and long-lasting control of fire ants. Apply extinguish plus at 1.5-pound per acre as a broadcast application or 2-5 table spoon as an individual mound treatment. Extinguish plus can be applied to golf courses, residential and commercial turf, pasture, school grounds, sod farms, nurseries, cemeteries, parks, athletic fields and many more locations. Active ingredients are hydramethylnon (s)-methoprene. Keep out of reach of children. Comes in 4.5-pounds bag. Measures 6-3/5-inch length by 8-6/7-inch width by 13-inch height.

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