• Extra Tall Folding


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  • Description

    The Extra Long Folding Cane BY Classic Walking Cane is perfect for those who want a very flexible and sophisticated walking aid. The extra tall walking cane is perfect for taller individuals who find the standard walking cane uncomfortable to use. It features a highly durable shaft that has been done in a highly glossy finish, offering a smooth and even surface. The key focus of these walking canes is its 3 fold design that allows users to fold the canes when not in use and store it easily in bags and cupboards. The extra tall walking cane can be used for extra support while walking through uneven surfaces. The additional length does not compromise on the cane's ability to function as a reasonable walking support when you are walking across more demanding surfaces. The folding function ensures you get the perfect travel companion-easy to fold and stack away when in transit and easy to deploy when in need! Adjustable 39-43 inches.

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