• Extreme Close-Quarters Shooting A Critical Analysis Of Contact-Distance Shooting Tactics

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    Statistics have consistently shown that most gunfights occur at ranges of 7 yards or less. Even more disturbing, however, is the fact that most gunfight deaths are the result of shots fired at distances of 0-5 feet. If you want to survive in this up-close and impersonal world, you need to learn the techniques of extreme close-quarter shooting. In this groundbreaking video, noted author, martial artist, and firearms trainer Ralph Mroz takes a critical look at the most commonly taught contact-distance shooting techniques. Mroz not only teaches you the proper methods of performing the Speed Rock, the Shove and Shoot, the Drive Forward and numerous other techniques, he clearly identifies the life-saving advantages and potentially deadly disadvantages of each. All techniques are shown with both live-fire demonstrations on three-dimensional range targets and through full-power, full-speed, force-on-force scenarios. This is one of the most eye-opening combat shooting videos ever produced and should be required viewing for every armed professional.

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