• Extreme Combat Training, Vol.1: Unarmed Skills and Tactics

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    Best-selling Paladin author  Joseph Simonet  is one of the most accomplished practitioners of the Indonesian art of Pentjak Silat in the United States. He is a certified instructor in five different martial arts systems. With Addy Hernandez, he operates KI Fighting Concepts in Wenatchee, WA, and teaches seminars on various martial arts subjects around the country.
           Just  knowing  self-defense techniques won't be enough to save you in a fight for your life: you need to drill them and burn them into your muscle memory to make them work. In this video, lifelong martial artist and best-selling author Joseph Simonet shows you how to put together a personal protection system designed with your needs in mind, as well as how to train this system effectively, efficiently, and with 100 percent intensity. Simonet begins by giving you the tools: a short series of offensive and defensive techniques that includes straight punching, clinched knees, and vicious elbow strikes that will absolutely devastate your opponent. In the next section, he focuses on pad drills and partner training to teach you to work these movements hard and fast against a moving target. Finally, he goes into solo training, demonstrating hard-core, full-force bag drills that you can't practice on a live partner without causing serious injury. In a real fight, you won't have time to remember a technique: you have to fight instinctively and react in an instant. This video will teach you to do that.  For information purposes only.

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