• Eye Think Strobotop LightPhase Animator

    Eye Think, Inc.

  • $18.95

  • Description

    Eye Think Strobotop lightphase animator. It is engaging, interactive, awe-inspiring fun for all ages. It combines the old with the new, marrying a simple spinning top with cutting-edge LED technology to make pictures come to life and move. Just spin the Strobotop, aim your LightPhaser at it and capture the action. Spin the Strobotop, aim your LightPhaser at it and adjust the dial. Suddenly, the blurring images snap into focus and spring to life before your eyes. Animals leap and gallop. Children run and play. Kaleidoscopic patterns move and change. Swap out Strobodisks at will: each is more amazing than the last. You can even draw your own Strobodisks! Requires 4 AAA batteries, not included.

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